Originals VIDEOS:

“Angeline” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OID2K9qZWsE

“Willie” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arG5n-CIT9Y

Northern California’s outlaw music bards bring a reputation for high-energy live shows and an incomparable fusion of bluegrass/old time, southern rock, and old school jam to stages and festivals worldwide. Poor Man’s Whiskey has been growing exponentially in the past 5 years selling out venues across the country such as the legendary Fillmore in SF. This “High-Octane Hootenanny” will certainly delight those interested in a foot-stompin good time.  Poor Man’s Whiskey has evolved into a ragged, spontaneous beast pulling from equally deep wells of story-telling originals, expertly crafted covers and zany on-stage shenanigans. PMW has released 6 studio albums and have a stunning repertoire to choose songs from creating a new show every night.
Notable festivals and shows:  Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Byron Bay Blues and Roots Music Festival (Australia), High Sierra Music Festival, Wakarusa Music Festival, Yonder Mountain Harvest Festival, Kate Wolf Music Festival, Harmony Festival, Strawberry Music Festival, The Great American Music Hall, Dead on the Creek, 4 Peaks Music Festival, Joshua Tree Music Festival, The Summer Meltdown, Las Tortugas, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, and many more.

Video: Live at the Fillmore – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJCDJGgnWPI


Josh Brough -Banjo, keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Jason Beard- Guitar,mandolin
Aspen Stevenson – Bass, vocals
George Smeltz – Drums, suitcase, vocals
Sean Lehe – Guitar

PMW has released 6 studio albums, “Like a River”, released in 2012,
“Goodbye California” (2011), “Dark Side of the Moonshine” (a double
disk set featuring original music as well as the bluegrass
interpretation of the Pink Floyd classic album)  (2009), “Roadside
Attraction”(2005),  “Train to California” (2003),  and “Hunnerd

Poor Man’s Whiskey is:

Josh Brough -Banjo, keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Jason Beard- Guitar,mandolin
Aspen Stevenson – Bass, vocals
George Smeltz – Drums, suitcase, vocals
Sean Lehe – Guitar

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Josh Brough

Josh Brough
Banjo Player, Vocals, Organ
SagittariusGather round the campfire and chill out with this man.
Josh grew up in Mill Valley, back in the day when the Depot was full of hippies, not dogs waiting to have their teeth cleaned.  (He can’t afford to live there these days.)  He spent a good portion of his childhood playing the piano, and picked up the guitar in Isla Vista during those U-Can-Study-Buzzed college years.  He spent a year in Spain studying flamenco guitar where he almost ran away with the gypsies.Instead he joined the Peace Corps El Salvador, where he swatted flies, surfed, built latrines, drank moonshine with the farmers and picked up the banjo.  He hasn’t been the same since.In 2004 Josh released a solo CD titled ‘The American Dream’, which you can buy at most PMW shows or on CD baby. More information about his solo project is available at his website, JoshBrough.comVisit Josue Torpe on Myspace

Jason Beard

Jason Beard
Mandolin Player
CapricornJason says: “Hello, Penticton!”

Jason began his musical Journey as a guitarist with roots in Folk Music and psychedelic Jam Band Rock.  For kicks he picked up the Mandolin and co-founded Poor Man’s Whiskey with Josh Brough.  As a songwriter Jason tries to bring his psychedelic jam mentality to the bluegrass genre, helping to give PMW a core part of their unique sound.  In 2003 Jason released his first solo album, “ScrapBook Melodies”.

When not playing in Poor Man’s Whiskey you can see him in his side project, JED.

To order his CD, inquire about hiring him for session work, or more information, please contact him directly via his website at:
Jason Beard Music

Or you can go to CD Baby directly to buy Jason’s most recent release,‘Leaving Home’

Aspen Stevenson

Aspen Stevenson
Doghouse and Electric Bass, Vocals
Libra”Don’t even talk to me about a groove that isn’t thick!”

Aspen’s first musical instincts were clearly misguided, as a DJ at a roller rink.  Soon he came to his senses and began playing the guitar.  After making a small name for himself playing classical and new age “music to chew by” in Sonoma County restaurants and cafes, he decided he needed something that he could shake his ass to.

The guys at the rental shop were embarrased to rent him his first upright bass, it was so beat up.  They found it gathering dust up on some shelf in the back somewhere.  But that was the way he liked it, and he beat it up some more.  He soon was holding it down in the Speakeasy Jug Band, the east coast jamjug phenomenon.  Before long, he was back on the left coast, playing Django-inspired swing with the 5 Tons of Rhythm.  After a long stint with the foot-stomping americana rock band Howdy!, he is now rambling and roving across the countryside with the PMW crew, drinking whiskey, causing trouble, and making sure that no burrito joint goes without its fair share of bluegrass.

George Smeltz

George Smeltz
-ZulooA wop bop a loo bop, a bim bam Boom!

George grew up on the dirt roads of a small but devastated area in the Congo. At an early age, the local medicine man took notice that George had the ‘shine’.  Taken under the wing of the tribal sage, these talents were honed to perfection. Some say it is the secret behind George’s amazing sense of time (we think it is because he wears a Rolex).

Due to the strict Catholic upbringing George experienced in this remote village, he was not able to assuage his need for rapid wrist movements in the convention teenage fashion. In order to find ‘relief’ from the urges, he turned to another great African tradition, drums. George spent hours a day beating to his own drummer on anything near him.  This, of course, got him into lots of trouble with neighboring tribes, causing him to take refuge in the mountains.

It was there he was befriended by a group of mountain gorillas. The alpha silverback of the tribe, BonBonham, helped George take his drumming to the next level.  George spent several years under the tutelage of this great master, perfecting the drumming style he is now known for.   Upon seeing the plight of his native Mountain gorilla friends during his drumming tenor in the canopies of the Congo, he vowed to become a voice for the oppressed primates.  He arrived on the shores of America exhausted from the long swim, but invigorated none the less. George eventually made it to California , and there found the musical voice he had been searching for in Poor Man’s Whiskey.

Side notes: George likes a firm hand shake and doesn’t take the opposable thumb for granted.

Sean Lehe

Guitarist Extraordinaire

Sean Gandalf Lehe was born on July 17th, 1978. Drawn to music from the time he was just a young boy, Sean began writing and recording his own music on a 4-track recorder at the early age of 12. Around that same time Sean had the privilege of playing viola in the Sacramento Youth Symphony with special guest conductor Bobby McFerrin. By the age of 19 he was playing guitar on such stages as The Great American Music Hall in S.F. and the High Sierra Music Festival.

For the past 15 years Sean has performed onstage with countless musicians and bands, founding West Coast festival favorites Izabella in 2007, and first joining forces with Poor Man’s Whiskey back in 2011. When not performing with PMW, Sean can be seen leading his own projects, The Bumptet and The Family Practice


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