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Monte Rio Music Festival
Sat, Sep 3, 11
Down by the River...PMW will be playing this killer festival in Monte Rio with some of our best friends! Melvin Seals and JGB, Hot Buttered Rum, Moonalice and more will be providing the soundtrack for an incredible day by the water.

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Tue, May 8, 07
Dark Side of the Moonshine

What do you get when you cross a banjo with a full laser light show?  Well, we are not exactly sure, but there is only one night to find out.

Early in this band's history, we accepted the fact that most of us were bred on rock music.  We are not from the Ozarks or from Tennessee, we are a quasi-bluegrass from California.  Josh could sing the words to most Grateful Dead tunes before he was out of diapers (I believe his first word was "Jerry!")  And while all of us were filling our little heads with everything from Led Zeppelin to the Beatles to Duran Duran (hey it was the 80's!), Jason found that a pair of headphones and Ummagumma was just enough to combat the perils of puberty, particularly the song with all the upset rodents.  Since then, any mention of lasers can immediately unleash a fury of enthusiasm from him.

So, with what started as joke, we have decided to expand our tendency of covering formative rock songs with a bluegrass feel to covering a whole album, the album of all rock albums, The Dark Side of the Moon.  As the arrangement of the songs came together somebody wondered aloud if we should have lasers.  Since there was no real good reason, outside of tact, that this was a bad idea, well the path ahead was clear. 

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